Journal Module Introduction

The Journal module is intended as a verbal communication evidence, not only between you and your client, but also within a team. It gives you the opportunity to manage notes from meetings and telephone talks, insert project milestones and so on. Each note can be created, edited, deleted and related with the items from other eWay-CRM modules thanks to the tab system.

Journal List

Clicking Journal on the eWay-CRM toolbar will bring up the Journal list.

If you want to edit the default list view and choose the data you are interested in, go to Main List, where you can find general information on working with main list.

Different icons are displayed by the items in the Journal module. Each type of icon corresponds to the item's type, thus increasing the transparency.

Journal Management

If you have the appropriate permissions, you can perform the following actions:

  • Create a new journal – detailed information about item creation can be found in the chapter: Create New Items.
  • Editing existing journal – detailed information about editing can be found in the chapter: Edit Items.
  • Item removal – there are several ways to remove an item. They are described in the chapter: Remove Items.

Journal Window

Double-clicking the selected item in the main list will bring up its working window. The Journal window, without pre-filled data, will appear when creating a new journal – it’s up to you to enter all the necessary data.

Superior Item The item that is the superior one to this journal (deal, project or marketing campaign).
Company The company that is related to the journal.
Contact The contact person that is related to the journal.
Subject The name of the journal. We recommend creating names with a specific convention for the clear management of your journals.
Start Time and End Time

If the journal is related to specific time (e.g. time of a meeting) you can set the date.

Important: If you want to set journal into future, you need to set end date at first, then you can change start date. This is caused by the fact that start cannot be later than end.

Type The type of the journal that makes the orientation simple. Types are pre-set, but you can add your own types using Fields.

You can add any text to the journal. For more information about the field, see Note Field.

Other general information about working window can be found in section Item Window.

Journal Locking

Journal can be locked, so users can add new journals only for a specific time period backwards. Users who don't create them in time won't have possibility to return to them. The lock can be set by two settings:


This is an efficient function how to deal with slovenly employees.