Note Field

Availability: Editing options are available since eWay-CRM 5.4.3.

The Note field is general field that is available for all items in eWay-CRM. You can add note to any of your records or find other way how to use this field. The field is fundamental for journal entries where you can put any ideas, notes or other text, but it is also important for emails, tasks and other modules.

The specific of this field is fact that text in Note field can be formatted and well-arranged. This field is not limited by the number of characters.

Just click to the Note field and you will see new ribbon in the item window, so you can edit text in the field as you need:

Sections in the Ribbon Options
Actions Options to save or save and close the item.
History You can Undo or Redo changes in the note text.
Print Note The note itself can be printed, or you can see its print preview at first.
Clipboard Standard paste, cut and copy functions.
Font Basic text formatting (bold, italic, strikethrough, etc.).
Paragraph Basic paragraph formatting (lists, indent, etc.). Bullet list can have at least three levels.
Styles Text can be formatted by prepared styles.
Editing Search or replace words in the note text.
Insert Insert hyperlink or symbol.
Zoom Set the zoom of the text.

Automatic Formatting

Some text is automatically formatted:

Typed Text Automatic Format
Web link (e.g. or, etc.)  Text is automatically transformed to clickable link that opens written web address.
Email address (e.g. [email protected]) Text is automatically transformed to clickable link that opens email client.
"* " (asterisk and space) The bullet list is made.
"1. " (one, dot and space) The first row of numeric list is made.