eWay-CRM Settings

The eWay-CRM Settings section allows default adjustment of the system which each user defines according to his or her needs. This section can be displayed in several ways as listed below:

  • In the main menu of MS Outlook select eWay-CRM. Then select Options → eWay-CRM Settings
  • From the eWay-CRM toolbar, which is situated on the left side next to the field for full-text search, select Options  → eWay-CRM Settings
  • The new version of MS Outlook (2010 and higher) has the eWay-CRM Settings button on the eWay-CRM ribbon

The eWay-CRM Settings window contains these tabs:


If you can't find the required settings, it is possible that such a setting is only accessible to the administrator. A description of administrator settings options can be found in the section Administration Application.