General Tab

The first tab of the eWay-CRM Settings is called General. You can set:


Select the language in which eWay-CRM is displayed. Currently available: English, Czech Slovak, Norwegian, Russian, and German.

Default Currency

You can set what is the resource for the default currency in eWay-CRM. These are options:


Set whether module lists will be opened in a new window or in the standard Microsoft Outlook window. (If you want to open only one list in a new window without changing the setting, just press SHIFT and click the module icon in the eWay-CRM ribbon).

Availability: This setting has been available since eWay-CRM 5.4.2.


Remember Last Parameters setting allows you to open the report always with the parameters you set last time you generated the report. For more information, go to Remember and Save Parameters for Generated Reports.

Startup Monitor

The function checks whether there are some add-ins in Outlook that can be incompatible with eWay-CRM Desktop smooth run. For more information, see Compatibility of eWay-CRM Desktop With Other Applications.

Availability: This setting has been available since eWay-CRM 8.0.

Customer Care

You can allow the sending of error messages to our service department in the lower part of the tab. If you do this, we can constantly improve our system and solve problems from corporate and individual users.