Features Management

The selection of features is related to the creating of eWay-CRM account. When you run eWay-CRM for the first time, you can select what features you really need. But  your company is developing and you can need more features in the future. You can make available other features you did not activate during the creating of account.

Administration application allows you this option under Features in the left menu.

When you click Features, you will see the list of all available eWay-CRM features. If they are marked, you have them in your eWay-CRM, if they are unmarked, you cannot work with them in your eWay-CRM.

If you want to turn on the feature, just mark the check box next to it. The synchronization will start and as soon as the eWay Agent turns green, the feature is available in your eWay-CRM. The table contain description for all features:

Contacts & Companies

You can create the database of your contacts and companies and save communication with them.

This module cannot be turned off. Contacts and Companies modules will be installed and also these reports: Activity on Companies.


Keep a record of your sales and whole communication.

DealsExchange Rates and Goals (only Sales Manager goal) module are installed. These reports are available: Activity on DealsDeal TrendDeals Forecast and Sales Activity.


Save all your projects and jobs, their completion level and plan all your tasks that are related to projects.

Projects and Exchange Rates modules are installed. These reports are available: Project Timeline and Planned vs Real Profit.

Marketing Campaigns

You have the option to send bulk mail and track its feedback.

Marketing and Marketing List module are installed. These reports are available: Marketing Results.

Quotes & Billing

Users can create proposals and invoices.

BookkeepingProductsDiscount Lists and Goals modules are installed. These reports are available: Company Sales and Company Sales by Account Manager.

These settings are enabled in the Administration Application:

Time Sheets & Planning

These modules can be installed only in the case you are installing Projects too.

Users will be able to plan and register their work time and costs.

Time SheetsBonusesSalariesLeavesResource PlanWork Commitments and Available Resources modules are installed. These reports are available: Time SheetTime Sheet by CompanyTime Sheet With CostsUsers Projects Costs PivotUsers Projects Attendance PivotUser Vacation and Project Costs.

These settings are enabled in the Administration Application: