Planned vs Real Profit

This report monitors the difference between the planned and real profit of individual projects. The report shows only projects that are in the Realization or Completed status.

Calculation Requirements

Basic requirements are:

  • Users fill Estimated Revenue, Actual Revenue and other price fields on projects.
  • User who generates the report has permissions for the view of projects.

Report Parameters

Start Beginning of the period.
End End of the period.

After selecting all the values, the report will be automatically generated.

Generated Report

Project Names of the projects.
Price Real price of the project that was given to the customer.
Planned Profit % Estimated Revenue in percent.
Planned Profit Column is the same as the Estimated Revenue in the Project window.
Real Profit % Actual Revenue in percent.
Real Profit Column is calculated from the actual costs and the Actual Revenue of the project.
Profit Ratio Ratio of real profit to planned profit.

After generating a report, projects are sorted by name - one row is one project. You can sort items according to different columns. There are small arrows in the column headlines that are used for sorting rows - clicking the up or down arrow will sort items in the table in descending or ascending order.