Price List Module Introduction

Thanks to the Price List module, a sales manager have a simple access to all companies and he can specify what the prices of products for selected company will be. You simply choose product and set the valid price for each company you want to sell product to.

A look at Price List gives you information which companies you have discounts with, what discounts you have set for products and what the final price of product is.  Price and discounts can be changed and adapted for your business needs.

Price List Tab

If you want to go to the Price List tab, open a Products window. For more information, go to chapters Products Module Introduction and Relations Tab System.  The similar Price List tab is created for the Companies module.

The Price List tab shows a complete list of all companies in your eWay-CRM. You can edit prices of products for all these companies.

Double-click the item in the list will open a specific dialog (see below) where you can define specific price that will be related with product and a company.

If you right-click an item in the list, you can open (the Open button) the Company window, where you can edit Sale price or Additional discount.

Price List Window (Individual Discount)

Double-clicking a selected company will bring up the price and discounts working window. The Individual discount window can also be opened by right-clicking the item in the Price List and clicking the Set Individual Discount button. You can also select more than one company and set united Individual discount or Unit price for all of them.

Sales Price Discount

The value is shown in the case that the Discount List was added. This discount is applied for all products that is offered to a company. The field cannot be changed in Individual Discount dialog.

Additional Discount

If the company has any Additional Discount, it is shown in this fields. The field cannot be changed in Individual discount dialog.

Individual Discount

You can fill in any individual discount for this company. You choose the discount yourself in percent. If you select this option, the Unit Price cannot be used.

Unit Price Instead of any discount, you can define the fix price for product that is sell or offer to a company. The selection of this option is leading to ignoring all discounts above. If you select this option, the Individual Discount cannot be used. If you want to specify, how to display the individual unit price on bookkeeping records, please see Use Individual Price as Discount on Bookkeeping Record.