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Login and Basic Settings of eWay-CRM Web

eWay-CRM Web allows you to access your data from any computer or Mac that is online. You do not need to have eWay-CRM Outlook installed on our PC, you just need an internet connection. Your data are always synchronized with the server and even through eWay-CRM Web, you have displayed up-to-date date.

This article contains:

  1. Basic Requirements
  2. eWay-CRM Web Login
  3. Supported Modules
  4. Account Settings

Basic Requirements

  • Valid eWay-CRM Web license (part of eWay-CRM Premium packages in version 6.0 and higher)
  • Stable internet connection
  • Username and password to eWay-CRM Premium (same credentials are for access to eWay-CRM Outlook or eWay-CRM Mobile)
  • Web browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and higher, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Opera, or Firefox.

eWay-CRM Web Login

You need to insert address of eWay-CRM Web into your web browser, You should get it when your account was created, for example:

When you go to this address, you should see this login window (or login only by email address):

Now, just insert your username and password that is the same as credentials for eWay-CRM Outlook and eWay-CRM Mobile. After successful login, you should see this similar interface:

For more information about welcome page, go to Welcome Page. If you want to work with a list, go to List of Items Introduction.

Supported Modules

The table shows you, what modules are supported in eWay-CRM Web and you can create or edit items in them. Information in the table is described for the state when the user has no limit given by module permissions or function is not limited, for example, by workflow action.

Module Create Edit
Deals Yes Yes
Projects Yes Yes
Companies Yes Yes
Contacts Yes Yes
Emails No Yes
Journal Yes Yes
Documents Yes Yes
Tasks Yes Yes
Time Sheets Yes Yes
Leaves Yes Yes
Users No Yes

Account Settings

In the right top corner of the eWay-CRM Web page, there is an icon of your user with possibilities to this account. When you click the circle, you will see these options:

  • My Account – open detail with information about your user
  • My Settings – you can change eWay-CRM Web settings (e.g. language settings)
  • Administration Center – if you are administrator, you can go to Administration Center
  • Get eWay-CRM Outlook – you can download up-to-date eWay-CRM Outlook
  • Suggest a Feature – you will be redirected to the web where you can suggest a function you would like to see in eWay-CRM
  • What is new? – new features of your current version of eWay-CRM Web
  • Sign Out – log out from your eWay-CRM Web account