Workflow in eWay-CRM

The Workflow is the work process that you can define for different modules. For example, on the Projects and Documents modules the workflow is defined separately for each type. Project types are defined in Project Type drop down menu and document types in Document Type drop down menu – more information can be found in the chapter: Drop Down Menus.

If you wish to define a new project work process, you first need to define a Project Type drop down menu item. It will be the item that will be displayed in the project type list. Then you can create a new workflow to this type – see the chapter: Create New Workflow.

The workflow panel is displayed in the upper part of the item window – for more information take a look at the chapter: Workflow Panel.

Terminology Used in Workflow

Workflow status (or only status) is the current status of the work process which is in use.

Transition is converting from one status to the following status.

More information about status definition can be found in the chapter: Workflow Definitions.