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Administration Center Introduction

Availability: New Administration Center is available since eWay-CRM 6.0.0.

Administration Center allows eWay-CRM administrators to set eWay-CRM as is needed in specific business. This setting is available only to users who are part of the Administrator group.

If you are administrator, Administration Center is easily available by clicking Administration Center in the eWay-CRM ribbon in Microsoft Outlook.

Note: Administration application was predecessor of Administration Center and it is still available in eWay-CRM Outlook. You can easily get to it by pressing SHIFT key and clicking Administration Center icon. Overview of all function can be found in this article: Old Administration Settings.

Basic Controls of Administration Center

If you click Administration Center icon, your web browser will be opened and Administration Center is automatically loaded.  (In case that you are not user with administrator rights, you cannot be automatically logged into Administration Center and you need to type in username and password for user with administrator rights.)

If you are administrator, you will see this page:

Manual login: You can reach Administration Center wherever you want from. You just need online PC and nothing else need to be installed on this PC. You just take address of your eWay-CRM web service and add "admin" after slash, example:

User Account

Click your account icon in the top right corner of the page and you will see this panel:

Options in the panel are:

  • Get eWay-CRM for Outlook - link to installation file.
  • Suggest a Feature - you will be redirected to pages where you can suggest new function you would like to see in eWay-CRM.
  • Log Out - you will be logged out from Administration Center.


Click settings icon in the top right corner of the page and you will see this panel:

Options in the panel are:

  • Language - you set the language of Administration Center (English or Czech).

Left Menu

Menu contains these sections:

  • Users (create and manage users)
  • Groups (create and manage groups)
  • Customizations
  • Billing
  • Updates
  • Old Administration Settings - when you click it, old administration application will open, but only if it is installed on your PC.