6.7.13 Category: Main

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Allow Server Database Backup Page
Allow the Administer Local Database Context Menu Page
Apply General Data Protection Rules (GDPR) Page
Backup Retention in Days Page
Base Directory for Server Database Backups Page
Click-to-Call Scheme Page
Default Currency Page
Default Language Page
Format of Currency in Reports Page
Format of Date in Reports Page
Format of Date With Time in Reports Page
Format of Days in Reports Page
Format of Decimal Numbers in Reports Page
Format of Hours in Reports Page
Format of Numbers in Reports Page
Format of Percent in Reports Page
Full Name Format Page
FX Rate Coefficient Page
Interval in Minutes After Which System Health Notification Is Sent Page
Keep All Documents and Emails Offline on All Client Computers Page
Keep My Documents and Emails Offline Page
Keep Relation Between Items When Superior Item Relation Is Being Changed Page
Last Activity Attributes Page
Log Status Changes to Journal Page
Maximum Height of Item Preview Page
Maximum Number of Items to Copy or Print Page
Minimum Duration of Call in Seconds After Which New Journal Will Be Created When the Call Finishes Page
Name of Group Responsible for Exchange Rates Administration Page
Name of Group Which Will Receive Server Update Status Information Page
Name of Group Which Will Receive System Health Notifications Page
Next Step Attributes Page
Number of Concurrent Full Synchronizations Page
Number of Decimal Places Page
Open File Instead of Document and Email Dialog on Double-click Page
Open Hyperlink in Text Edits by Double-click Page
Postpone Synchronization Start for Specified Time in Seconds Page
next_step_attributes.png Image
last_activity_attributes_01.png Image
allow_the_admin_02.png Image
backup_retention_01.png Image
base_directory_01.png Image
default_currency_01.png Image
format_currency_01.png Image
format_date_01.png Image
format_date_time_01.png Image
format_decimal_01.png Image
format_days_01.png Image
format_hours_01.png Image
format_numbers_01.png Image
format_percent_01.png Image
fx_rate_01.png Image
interval_minutes_01.png Image
maximum_height_01.png Image
maximum_height_02.png Image
maximum_number_01.png Image
minimum_duration_01.png Image
name_group_responsible_01.png Image
name_group_health_01.png Image
number_decimal_01.png Image
postpone_sync_01.png Image
last_activity_attributes_02.png Image
last_activity_attributes_03.png Image
default_language_02.png Image
apply_gdpr_01.png Image
allows_server_02.png Image
copy_of_allow_the_admin_02.png Image
keep_all_02.png Image
keep_my_02.png Image
log_status_02.png Image
open_file_02.png Image
click_scheme_01.png Image
open_hyperlink_01.png Image
name_group_status_info.png Image
keep_relation.png Image
number_concurrent.png Image
next_step_attributes_02.png Image
next_step_attributes_03.png Image
full_name_format.png Image
Maintenance Window Page
maintenance_window.png Image