Format of Numbers in Reports

Format of Numbers in Reports defines in what format numbers in the reports will be displayed.

Double-clicking Format of Numbers in Reports in the list will bring up the Global Setting card.

Field on the Global Setting Detail

The field is intended for entering the adjustment value. Fill in any of identificators that are used for number formats in Windows settings. List of available number formats and its shortcuts can be found on MSDN web. The most suitable is inserting, for example, N2 - this is a shortcut for a decimal number where the figure represents the count of numbers after the decimal point shown in reports (N2 means the numbers with two figures after decimal point). Once change of this setting is processed, please restart your eWay-CRM.

Clicking OK in the lower part of the Global Setting card will save changes and close the card. If you wish to close the Global Setting card without saving any changes, click Cancel.