Create and Edit Items

Important: Users can create only items he or she has permissions to.

The article contains these chapters:

  1. Create Item
  2. Edit Item
  3. Work With Workflow

Create Item

The item can be created right on the welcome page. If you want the description of this function, go to Welcome Page.

You can create an item right in the list of the current module. The user just clicks the New button, if he or she wants to create the item in the current module:

Or the user needs to click an arrow next to this button, so he or she will see the list of items that can be created:

The form for creating a new item will be opened over the list. You can fill in all fields you want and have permission for them.

Filling values is similar to creating items in eWay-CRM Outlook. If the value is mandatory, it is highlighted by red; if it is optional, it is highlighted by yellow.

When you have all values filled, just save it.

As soon as the item is saved, it is loaded to the server database. All other users of your eWay-CRM have access to this item.

Edit Item

If you want to edit an item, just click it in the list and then click the Open button in the item preview

In the item dialog, you can change all values you have permission to.

If you want to save changes, click Save or Save and Close.

As soon as the item is saved, it is loaded to the server database. All other users of your eWay-CRM have access to this item.

Change the Item Owner

Each item in eWay-CRM has its owner. In eWay-CRM Web, you can see it at the detail bottom:

If you want to change the owner, just click it:

You can see two options:

  • Open - it opens the user detail of the current owner.
  • Edit - it opens a list of users where you can select a new owner. Double-click him or her. Now, the owner was changed.

Work With Workflow

Some modules like Deals or Projects have a special feature called workflow. It is the setting of different statuses and flows among them. A status specifies in what phase a deal, project, etc. are; flow between two statuses can contain some actions related to the flow (e.g. check whether the customer is filled; whether the proposal is related, etc.; options of actions in eWay-CRM® are wider).

Workflow has the same function as in eWay-CRM® Outlook and there was an effort to make the workflow in eWay-CRM® Web the most familiar. When you open an item with the workflow, you will see this in the header of its dialog:

Statuses of a workflow can have these colors:

Color Description
Blue Current status.
Green Available status.
White Selected but not save status.
Gray Unavailable status.

To select a new status, just click the one that is green. Green turns to white:

Even at the moment when you select a new status, some action can be made - for example, Set Field Value.

You need to confirm your choice, so you need to save the dialog by clicking Save. Now, your new status is blue and other green (available) or gray (unavailable).

After save, other actions that are related to the flow, proceed. For more information about actions, go to Workflow Actions.