Custom Field Types

eWay-CRM gives you the opportunity to create your own fields in every module to record specific information for which the default fields are not intended. Custom fields can be also used to filter and sort your data as any other field in eWay-CRM.

You can choose from following types of custom fields:

Check Box This is a standard check box that determines whether a value is logically true or false (e.g. agreement to receive ewsletters).
Numeric This is a field in numeric format. User can specify the format (e.g. decimal, percentual, etc.).
Relation Using this field type you can create a relation with other items in the system (from one selected module). This field can be used only for relations with the modules that can be found in the Add New menu. When you are filling this field, you will be prompted with the item list via combobox in the selected module (for example all contacts).
Drop Down You can predefine several values in the combo box to select the appropriate value – that's what the user defined drop down menu stands for. It can be used when an item may get only one of several values (e.g. Emotion – Positive, Neutral, Negative). The creation process is slightly different from other custom fields. First, the name and type is entered, drop down menu values definition dialog will be brought up right after clicking OK.
Multi Select Drop Down
As same as Drop Down, Multi Select Drop Down is also user defined drop down menu - it is used when users should select vales only from defined list. The basic difference between Drop Down and Multi Select Drop Down is that Multi Select Drop Down allows users to mark more than one value.

If you want to keep a record of additional information as hypertext links, you can use Link. You don’t need to store the links in text form in the notes and then copy them into the browser address row. Thanks to this field you will have a clickable link (e.g. Link to Server Repository).

Date The Date custom field allows you to add all additional and important dates related to an item by using the calendar control. Thanks to this control, dates are saved in the same structural form by all users.
Single Line Text

This custom field is intended for text values and the text length is restricted to 255 characters (e.g. Folder Index System).

Multi Line Text This custom field is intended for very large text values (more than 255 characters). You can set how many lines the field will display without scrollbar.