How to Work With Marketing Module

Create the Marketing List

After creating of the new marketing campaign, it is necessary to define in the Marketing list tab the selection of those contacts that will be reached by your campaign. This list can be defined by using different filters from the Projects, Deals, Companies, and Contacts modules. For information on how to define this list, go to Create and Edit Marketing List.

Mass Actions Over Contacts

If you have already created the marketing list, you can manage the list (send bulk mail, print labels, or envelopes) by clicking the Action button in the top part of the Marketing window.  Execution of these actions is connected with MS Word - this software commonly allows you to use mass mail functions and users are familiar with them. The only exception is when using the Professional Email service - in that case, a web guide will be open to set up the campaign. Use of the Professional Email is conditioned by an active account. For more information about the registration and Professional Email campaigns, go to Integrate Marketing Module With Professional Email Service.

It is necessary to mention that all actions (under the Action button) are applied to all contacts in the marketing list and any sub-selection (marking with mouse and CTRL, etc.) will not be taken into consideration.

Before launching the bulk mail using MS Word, please read the articles about the global settings of the Marketing module, especially Number of Emails Sent in One Batch and Interval in Minutes After Which Another Email Batch Is Sent. Settings described in these articles radically influence the speed of the marketing list processing and editing these settings may increase the potential danger of putting your email address on the blacklist. The Professional Email service is solving this issue internally and editing these settings has no effect when using the Professional Email service.

Monitor Responses and Plan Activities for Particular Contacts

The history of the communication with a particular contact can be viewed by clicking on the number that represents the number of responses (the Responses count column in the Marketing list tab).

If you are connected to the Professional Email Service, all responses are automatically downloaded every five minutes, if you are connected to the internet. The interval is gradually prolonged and is set to stop automatic response downloads when the week after the campaign starts is reached. The intervals are set to the marketing specialists' statement that receivers would decide to respond in a week or less. You don't need to update the list of responses yourself. And in the need, you are always able to download new responses manually.

If you are following the communication outside of eWay-CRM and you need to transfer it to the system, you can import it by the Action button where you select Import Responses. For more information about importing responses, go to Import Responses.

In case you have chosen a Professional Email type marketing campaign, the data is updated automatically. It is possible to update the campaign after sending emails using the Update button, but in this case, the download is limited to 100 responses at a time to avoid unnecessary synchronization overload when creating journals. You can also update all campaigns directly from the main Marketing Campaigns list by selecting all items, right-clicking on one of them, and choosing Update from the context menu.

If the communication with contacts deals to a task or you want to create individual business deal, right-click this contact and choose the New option where you can select a specific type of the item.