Welcome Page

When you log into your eWay-CRM, the first page you see is the Welcome page.

This is a welcome page where you have a review of all available modules (with links to their lists), but there are other features. These are:

Create New Item

 If you want to create a new item, just click New Item.

Then, select the module you want to create an item in.

You fill in all values you need and save the new item. It is the same as creating a new item from the list.

Review Modules and Click on Their Lists

 In the table, you can see all modules that are available for you on the eWay-CRM Online.

Just click to select a module and you will get to the list of all its items.

When you click Administration Center, you will b moved to the Administration Center, but only in the case that you are a user with administrator permissions.

Review Recently Created Items

In the bottom part of the Welcome page, you can see a list of recently created items. You can easily move to the items you want to work with. Each row is a link that opens the detail of an item.