Time Sheet

Report views and summarizes the time sheet of a selected user in one month.

Calculation Requirements

The main requirements for viewing the values of this report are:

  • User has to regularly complete information about his or her time sheet in his or her Time Sheets module.
  • It is necessary for the user who is generating the report to have the appropriate permissions to view the time sheets of other users, their work commitments and leaves.

Report Parameters

Period Select montth you want to display (in YYYYMM format).
User Choose the user whose time sheet you want to show in the report.
Approved Only Check box allows you to generate only approved time sheets in the report. The correct setting of the approved time sheet is described in Time Sheets Approved Status.

Generated Report

After selecting all the values, the report will be automatically generated.

The headline of the report shows the report type. The name of the user and period of data are shown below.

Summary Values

Under the headline there is a table with a summary of aggregate values for their chosen period. You can see all hours that user worked in the period. Worked hours are divided into hours worked during workdays, during weekends and during holidays. Values also calculate with some types of leaves - see Leave Types.

Work Load Value is automatically filled from the Ave. Work Week value in the Salaries window.
Worked Hours Value is the amount of hours that were actually worked (from values in the Time Sheets module).
Missing Hours Difference between Work Load and Worked Hours.
Worked During Workdays Number of worked hours during workdays.
Worked During Weekends Number of worked hours during weekends.
Worked During Holidays Number of worked hours during holidays.
Time on Holiday Value calculates how many hours of a chosen month were spent on holidays by a user. The algorithm of this value calculates the number of days on holiday (leave of the Paid Vacation type) and multiplies them by average daily workload of the user.

Columns in the Report Table

Date Date of an item in a row.
Duration Length of the time sheet in a day.
Subject Text describing the work activity of a user.
Project Name of the project that is related to a work activity.
Type Type of the work. There is also a type of leave if the row is a leave.
Break Information about work break - this time is automatically subtracted from the whole daily workload. If you want to edit or remove this value, you can do it by editing the Time Intended for Lunch in Reports value in Global Settings of Administration Settings in eWay-CRM.
Overtime Column shows you whether there was any overtime work.

After generating a report, data are loaded in date order. You can sort items according to different columns. There are small arrows in column headlines that are used for sorting rows - clicking the up or down arrow will sort items in the table in descending or ascending order.

TIP: In the case that your employees do not complete their time sheet in the Time Sheets module for each project individually, but they  only complete the worked hours per day, it is possible to reduce their registered hours by half an hour for every 6 hours, as is legally stated. Whether this half hour will be subtracted from the report can be defined in Include Lunch Breaks in Time Sheets in Global Settings of Administration Settings in eWay-CRM.

Rows in the Report Table

There is a one row for each item in the report table. For better clarity, days are separated by summary rows that are marked with the date and total worked hours. These summary rows have different colours depending on whether these days were workdays, weekends or holidays. If the user has leave during the period, it is displayed in the report too (paid vacation is highlighted with orange color).