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Default Values Tab

The first tab of the eWay-CRM Settings is called Default Values. You can select the system language here.

Below the language selection is situated an area for user settings of the eWay-CRM HUB. Here you can select how old data you want to display in eWay-CRM HUB window - items are displayed based on the date of their creating. More information about the eWay-CRM HUB window can be found in the article eWay-CRM HUB.

The Report section contains only one option: Remember Last Parameters. The setting allows you to open report always with parameters you set last time you generated report. For more information, go to Remember and Save Parameters for Generated Reports.

You can allow the sending of error messages to our service department in the lower part of the tab. If you do this, we can constantly improve our system and solve problems not just from corporate users but also from individual users.