Activity on Deals

This report gives you a clear list of all active deals of a selected sales manager and displays all events that are related to the chosen time period.

Calculation Requirements

Sales managers have to do these activities:

  • Keep records of all meetings in calendar.
  • Create tasks as activities that have to be done.
  • Keep records of the life cycle of a deal in journal.
  • Relate important emails and documents with deals.
  • Register their worked hours in the Time Sheets module.

There is no need to keep all information but the quality of the report will be poorer.

View Requirements

It is necessary for the user who is generating the report to have the appropriate permissions to view deals, tasks, calendar, journal, emails, documents and time sheetss of his own and other users.

Report Parameters

Start Beginning of the period. The time filter is used for activities, not for deals.
End End of the period. The time filter is used for activities, not for deals.
Sales Manager Choose the user whose report you wish to view. If you select the (All) value, you generate statistics for all users.

Specifies how the deals will be displayed - in general or with more detailed information:

  • All Deals - all deals will be reported
  • Deals Without Activity - only deals without activity will be reported
  • Deals With Activity - only deals with activity will be reported
  • Deals Without Next Step - only deals without next step will be reported
Deal Type Choose specific type of deal or all deals by the (All) option.

After changing values, the report will be automatically generated again.

Generated Report

The report contains one table with eight columns and different types of rows.

Customer Column matches the Customer value in the Deal window. If the Customer field in the Deal window is empty, the report will show an empty value.
Contact Column matches the Contact person value in the Deal window. If the Contact person field in the Deal window is empty, the report will show an empty value.
Name Name of the deal whos information is being displayed.
Status Column corresponds to Status in the Deal workflow.
Owner Name of the user who is a deal owner. The rows for activities display the owner of particular items.
Date Date when the deal was created and when an activity is planned.
Price Column only appears in rows with deals. This value matches the Price value in the Deal window in the currency of a deal.
Probability Column matches the Probability value in the Deal window.

The rows in tables are differentiated by colours and font type.

  • Blue rows represent deals and information about them (Price, Probability, Name, etc.). Report shows only deals that were active in the selected time period (e.g they were not changed to the state: Proposal, Close Won or Close Lost). Each deal follows a list of task and events - one deal for each row.
  • White rows in italic show planned activities. These are incomplete tasks and events that will start today or in future. The red rows can be connected with tasks that was not accomplished in their planned time.
  • White rows with standard text show completed tasks and events (started in the past), journals, documents, emails and time sheets that are related to the deal and simultaneously, are dated within the selected time period.