Notification About Upcoming Project Deadline

You need to have an overview about your deadlines to do a good job. But even the best may get overloaded, and that may make you forget that project deadline is just around the corner. To prevent such a situation, eWay-CRM gives you automatic email notifications about upcoming project deadline (as the one on the picture). This can be activated in the Administration Application by settings in General Settings > Global Settings under Category: Projects.

You can use these steps for efficient settings:

  1. Activate the function itself to notify users about upcoming planned project deadline by the Notify About Upcoming Project Deadline setting.
  2. Think about what users you would like to notify. Names of their groups (one is enough when the users are part of it) insert  into the Name of Groups Reminded Before Project Deadline setting. You fill in names of user groups which means that notification will be sent to all the users who belong to those groups. We recommend to create a new group for this notification purpose only and associate it with users you want to notify. If the setting is left blank, only users in project team will be notified before project deadline.
  3. Set how many days before deadline should users get the notification. Use the Number of Days Before Project Deadline When Alert Will Be Sent setting. This is a general setting for all project types. If you need to set different number of days before deadline for each project type, please, contact us.


After setting all these options, you will receive an automatically generated email about upcoming project deadline in a day you set. You have overview about project deadlines and you don't need to monitor deadlines every day.