Email Notification About Missing Exchange Rates

In the case, there is an item in eWay-CRM that is defined in a currency without relevant exchange rate, it is set that you will receive an email notification about these items. The language of the notification is same as your default language of eWay-CRM (Czech or English).

An email will be sent in the case that an item (bookkeeping record, project, salary, etc.) has no related exchange rate in the time the item is created or is valid. The exchange rate is between the item currency and the default currency or the item currency and the parent currency.

You can select which user groups will receive the email notification about items without exchange rates. The setting can be edited in the Administration Application - Name of Group Responsible for Exchange Rates Administration. The default group, that receive notification, is Administrator.

Table in Email Notification

The notification has a form of a table where you can see all items without appropriate exchange rate. Table will look like this:

Rate It contains not only a date when the item has no exchange rate related, but also the specification of the exchange rate that was not created.
Item This is the name of the item. It is also a link that will open the item window.
Owner The user who is the owner of the item.
Created by The user that created the item.
Created The date when the item was created.