Manual Contacts Synchronization Between Microsoft Outlook and eWay-CRM

eWay-CRM has its own Contact module. It is a different module than the module in Microsoft Outlook, but eWay-CRM is fully connected to it and offers you the possibility of Contacts synchronization. This means that there is no need to edit a contact in several sources. If you change an item in Microsoft Outlook, the change will also be made in eWay-CRM contacts and vice versa.

If you also want to have access to your contacts in eWay-CRM from your mobile phone or PDA it is very simple. Just synchronize your eWay-CRM Contacts module with your contacts in Microsoft Outlook. Every change in eWay-CRM will automatically update in your Microsoft Outlook contacts and you will constantly have up to date information.

Contacts can be completely synchronized via automatic synchronization (article Automatic Synchronization of Contacts Between Microsoft Outlook and eWay-CRM) or you can select just a few contacts, which you synchronize manually. You can do this in the following ways.

Important: If contacts between eWay-CRM and Microsoft Outlook are not already synchronized (or were synchronized in past) and you have same contact in eWay-CRM and Outlook, these contacts cannot be joined. On the basis of same email address, you will see these contacts in the Duplicates Contacts folder in Microsoft Outlooků.

Contact Synchronization From the Microsoft Outlook Contact List

Select the contacts from your contact list in Microsoft Outlook which you want to synchronize with eWay-CRM. Right clicking them will bring up a context menu from which you select the option Synchronize With eWay-CRM.

Contact Synchronization From the Contact Window in Microsoft Outlook

You can also synchronize a contact directly from the contact window in Microsoft Outlook. Clicking Synchronize With eWay-CRM, in the upper right corner of the contact window, will synchronize the contact with eWay-CRM.

Information about adjustment of contact synchronization can be found in the article Contacts Tab.

Synchronized Fields

Not all contact fields are synchronized between Microsoft Outlook and eWay-CRM. This table shows you all fields that are synchronized:

Field in Microsoft Outlook Field in eWay-CRM
Profile Picture Profile Picture
Title Title
First First Name
Middle Middle Name
Last Last Name
Suffix Suffix
Company Company
Job Title Job Title
Department Department
Web Page Address Website
E-mail Email 1
E-mail 2 Email 2
E-mail 3 Email 3
Business Address (Street, City, State, ZIP, Country) Business Address (Street, City, State, ZIP, Country)
Home Address (Street, City, State, ZIP, Country) Home Address (Street, City, State, ZIP, Country)
Other Address (Street, City, State, ZIP, Country) Other Address (Street, City, State, ZIP, Country)
Phone Number: Business Business
Phone Number: Business 2 Business 2
Phone Number: Home Home
Phone Number: Mobile Mobile
Phone Number: Business Fax Business Fax
Phone Number: Other Other
Notes Note