General, Custom Fields and History Section

You can create your own custom fields in eWay-CRM that are shown in the item window. Because you can create a lot of custom fields, view them in the same window with standard fields can be confusing and chaotic. That is why you have a possibility to switch between General, Custom Fields and History section in the item window.

The General section represents standard view of the item window for different modules where default fields of the eWay-CRM are viewed.

The Custom Fields button switch the item window to the view where you see only custom fields that can be categorized as you need. This section do not show the workflow.

The History button shows you the list of all changes on the item.

Custom Fields Section

The Custom Fields section opens after clicking the Custom Fields button that will stay highlighted - it marks the section where you are. If you switch to the General section, the General button will be highlighted. The Custom Fields button is available in the dialog only in the case that you have created some custom fields for the module.

You can see all your custom fields created for the module in the Custom Fields section. The advantage of the section is that fields can be categorized and you can create a clear structure for your fields - this is useful in the case you have a big amount of custom fields.

Because some fields are more important for you than others, you can have these important fields also in the General section (see below) or you can change their position in the Custom Fields section. The order can be changed in the Administration Application (section Custom Fields) where select the module and the field you want to move, for example, on the first position in the Custom Fields section. More detailed description can be found here.

Custom Fields Categorization

The procedure for categorization is described in Custom Fields Categorization.

Custom Fields in General Section

Note: Since eWay-CRM 5.4.0, the user fields area is hidden in General section of a dialog on new installations. If you want to add it to your dialog, use Form Designer.

Besides you have all your custom fields in their section, you also have a possibility to show some custom fields in the General section. You can set it, when you create a new field or edit an existing one in the administration Application of eWay-CRM, by marking the General Section check-box.

If you mark the check-box, the custom field will be shown in the General section and the Custom Fields section of the item window. If the check-box is not marked, the custom field will be shown only in the Custom Fields section of the item window.

History Section

The History section displays the list off all changes that where done on the item. You need to have tuned on the activity history tracking - see Activity History Tracking. If the tracking is turned on, user has not have limited permissions and some change was made on the item, clicking to History icon gives the list of all changes.

Column Description
Modified Date and time when the change was made.
Field Name Name of the field where the change was made.
Previous Value The value that was changed.
New Value New value in the field.
Modified by User who made the change.
Client The column specifies in what client the change was made, whether it was in eWay-CRM for Outlook, eWay-CRM Mobile or elsewhere.

Availability: Activity History Tracking is available since eWay-CRM 5.2.0.