Create Item Links and Open Them

Availability: This function is available since eWay-CRM 7.0.

Your colleague may ask you to send him or her your progress on some project. There is no need to send your colleague only the name of the project, you can send a link.

Create a Link

In any list of items in eWay-CRM, click on the item you want to create a link for. If the item is selected, just press these keys:


If you use the paste function (CTRL + V) in your email message or in conversation with a colleague, you will see a link similar to this one:

Open the link

If the link is sent to a user, he or she can click it and open it. When a user clicks it, the web page similar to this one is opened:

A user has two options:

  • Use eWay-CRM for Outlook - the item from the link will be opened in eWay-CRM in Outlook
  • Use eWay-CRM Web - the item from the link will be opened in eWay-CRM Web if the user has a license with eWay-CRM Web

If the Remember my decision option is marked, next time, when a user clicks the link, it will be opened by the remembered way. If you want your browser to forget your choice, see Delete Preferences While Opening Items From Links in Web Browser.

Important: Opening of links on mobile phones with the Andriod system can lead to errors in displaying the item when you are using some applications. These applications use their own, internal, web browsers. For the correct function, tap and hold the link and then select the option to open the link in the external browser.