How Can eWay-CRM Help You?

Basic Functions eWay-CRM

Evidence of Companies and Contacts

Companies and Contacts modules comfortably enables you to register all your business contacts, whether the contact is a company, individual or an employee of a particular company. The eWay-CRM system allows automatic tracking of an email communication with a Company or Contact. Categorization of items enables you to arrange a marketing campaign directed at a particular group of customers via a proposal, Bulk Mail or Print Labels and Envelopes.

The Contacts module is different from the pre-installed Contacts module in Microsoft Outlook, but eWay-CRM is fully compatible with it and there is an option of two-way synchronization of items.

Project Management and Opportunity Tracking

In e-Way-CRM, you have a possibility to save not only Contacts and Companies, but also Projects and business opportunities (Deals), in addition you can make connections (relations) between them and your contacts. eWay-CRM enables a much wider overview of your relationships with customers.

Projects and Deals modules enable you to control the complete agenda for overseeing the life cycle of a contract, its productivity and associated information comprising its dispositions and development simultaneously. Such information could be in the form of emails, phone calls, documents or the project diary (Journal). There is also the possibility to define the workflow for individual Projects and ensure that all employees follow your work procedure.

For efficient control purposes you can assign intern employees to a Project or Deal and oversee how costs are developing during the Project/Contact person by person.

Administration of Emails, Documents and Journals

Emails, which have been received through Microsoft Outlook can be saved to the e-Way-CRM system. You can ensure that records of the electronic communication are archived in the system and will be stored even if the user deletes it from his or her mailbox or even leaves your company. Messages are automatically linked with persons, Contacts or Companies, with automatic tracking of incoming and outgoing Emails.

You can also insert documents of various types into the system and link them with Projects, Companies or other items to which the Document is really related.

Journal, as the name suggests, help you to record situations such as meetings, phone calls and notes which are related to the Project and are important for its development. By using Journal you can guarantee the availability of information, even for other Users, and assess Users’ activity.

In eWay-CRM, thanks to these modules, you can effortlessly store communications with clients and ensure the maximum availability and traceability of information across the whole company.

It also makes it much easier to arrange the substitution of colleagues in the case of their holiday or sickness.


For a clear division of tasks and organization of work eWay-CRM uses Tasks from MS Outlook. Tasks can be assigned to other Users within Projects. While you looking at the Project window, you can see immediately at which stage the works that you specified are. Each User has his or her own Tasks right there in his or her Outlook, so he/she can’t forget completing them.

Reporting (Your Feedback)

The eWay-CRM system provides you with an overview of and feedback about what is happening in your company. You can find the real costs of a Project, for example, or monitor the productivity of your workers, sales and profits of your customers.

How Can These Functions Help Me?

Share Information

eWay-CRM enables you to create links between individual items in the system. You can easily add a realtion to suppliers, add an entry from a business-meeting or insert a business agreement. When you look at particular item you have comprehensive summary of the relationship between that item and others.

So when a customer calls your company, the employee has all the information about the customer at hand, even if he has never talked to that customer before. These information are in the customer’s (Contact or Company) window right in front of your employee. All emails, phone calls, meetings and documents can be found there.

Your employees also have shared Calendars. When you are arranging a meeting you can see immediately which employees are available.

Process Management

The eWay-CRM software is focused on the support for companies which provide services based on projects. In Documents, Projects and Deals modules you can define workflows for their processing. You can avoid work misunderstandings which come about in the day to day business of any company. Supervising your entire company is more effective and smoother. Everyone knows the progress of the Projects, who is responsible for what and what the next steps for the completion of each phase are.

Thanks to the possibility of connecting eWay-CRM with accounting system and attendance monitoring on Projects, you can overview the financial productiveness of each Project with ease.

Safety Policy

While eWay-CRM provides administration and shares all important statistics for the smooth functioning of your company, it also provides a high level of security. In eWay-CRM, you can assign different rights to individual users or a group of users. If you configure certain rights for a group, rights will be automatically set to all members. User can be a member of more than one group. Rights may be set individually for a particular module or field in eWay-CRM.