Default Currency

Default Currency means what currency is elementary for your eWay-CRM system. Still, when working with projects, bookkeeping records etc. in eWay-CRM, the choice of all the currencies remains. This global setting only defines against what currency all records held in other currencies are retranslated. For a better overview every price value ​​column in the system has an equivalent column with amount held in default currency. As well, in default currency are being counted amounts in in reports, where it would be confusing to display amounts in several different currencies.

You can see the default currency also on the settings in Windows - see General Tab.

Important: This setting does not set the default currency displayed when you create new items. Default currency for new items is set by regional setting in Microsoft Windows.

Double-clicking Default Currency in the list will bring up the Global Setting card.

Field on the Global Setting Detail

In to the text field insert a currency code that you have chosen for your system as the default. Currency codes are 3-characters identificators that you know for example from currency exchange rates (according to standards ISO 3166), same currency codes can be found in the Currency drop down menu in your administration application. It contains for example values ​​such as CZK, EUR, USD, PLN, GBP, RUB, etc.

Clicking OK in the lower part of the Global Setting card will save changes and close the card. If you wish to close the Global Setting card without saving any changes, click Cancel.