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6.7.1 Category: Bookkeeping

 Title   Type 
Allow Edit List Price While Editing List of Products in Bookkeeping Record Page
Bookkeeping Record Paid Status Same Page
Default Proposal Validity Period Page
Invoiced Status Name Page
When inserting a product to a bookkeeping record second time, merge it automatically with the first one Page
Name of File Created While Exporting Item to Microsoft Word Page
Name of Groups Which Will Receive Notification About Unpaid Invoices Page
Notify About Unpaid Invoices Page
Order Canceled Status Name Page
Order in Process Status Name Page
Order Processed Status Name Page
Proposal in Process Status Name Page
Proposal Processed Status Name Page
Sales Voucher Issued Status Name Page
To Be Invoiced Status Name Page
Use Individual Price as Discount on Bookkeeping Record Page
book_paid_name_01.png Image
book_paid_name_02.png Image
default_proposal_validity_01.png Image
invoiced_name_01.png Image
invoiced_name_02.png Image
name_file_word_01.png Image
name_group_unpaid_01.png Image
order_canceled_name_01.png Image
order_in_process_name_01.png Image
order_in_process_name_02.png Image
to_be_invoiced_name_01.png Image
to_be_invoiced_name_01_01.png Image
to_be_invoiced_name_02.png Image
proposal_in_process_name_02.png Image
proposal_in_process_name_01.png Image
proposal_processed_name_01.png Image
proposal_processed_name_02.png Image
sales_issued_name_01.png Image
sales_issued_name_02.png Image
order_processed_name_01.png Image
order_processed_name_02.png Image
order_canceled_name_02.png Image
use_individual_price_02.png Image
use_individual_price_03.png Image
merge_equal_01.png Image
allow_edit_list_price_02.png Image
notify_unpaid_02.png Image
use_individual_price_01_03.png Image
When pressing Refresh Page
data_refresh.png Image
bookkeeping_inserting.png Image
bookkeeping_refresh.png Image