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Item Categorization

eWay-CRM gives you the option of dividing items into categories to ensure clarity of saved data. You are able to compile, for example, a list of all Projects with a specific specialization very easily.

Create New Category

The Categories column is displayed in every eWay-CRM module. A category can be assigned to an item by adding a relation with an existing item of that Category type – more information about making relations can be found in the article Relations. If category doesn’t exist yet, it can be created in the Administration Application. Category can also be created from an item window via Add New > Category.

Work With Categories

Add Category by Right-click

You don't have to add categories only in the item window, you can easily add them by right-clicking the item in any list. Right-click the item, go to Categories and then just select the category you want to add to the item. Category will be marked as added to the item. You can add as many categories as you want.

In the context menu, Category option, there is also possibility to create new category that will be related right to selected items. (Availability: The function of creating new category right from context menu is available since eWay-CRM 5.4.2.)

Adding of categories is very easy this way and you will appreciate categories while filtering of items.

Add Category Right in Item Window

Categorization is also possible right in the opened item on its ribbon. You just click Categorize and select category you want.

In the Categorize option, there is also possibility to create new category that will be related right to the item.

Availability: The function is available since eWay-CRM 5.4.2.

Filter According to Categories

Working with data will be much easier if you assign your items to relevant categories in eWay-CRM. If you want to display, for example, all Projects from the category Important Customer, you can do it with the Filtering of items function – simply adjust the condition for filtering. Set the Category column to the value Important Customer. More information about filtering items can be found in the article filter Items.

Grouping According to Categories

Categorization of items can be used with the items grouping function. If you group items according to Categories column, you will get a list of items clearly sorted to your category settings. If an item is in more than one category, it will be displayed in all relevant categories. More information about grouping of items can be found in the article Grouping of Items.

In the context menu, Category option, there is also possibility to create new category that will be related right to selected items.