eWay-CRM Server Fine Tuning


If eWay-CRM runs on your own server where resources are limited, you can perform some changes in configuration to make the performance better.


eWay-CRM and higher




Higher Timeout for Web Service Calls

I the Web.config file, set timeout on 5 minutes using the httpRuntime tag in system.web:

<httpRuntime executionTimeout="300" />

Then, you can also set a higher timeout for SQL in appSettings. It should be a bit lower than executionTimeout. Both values are in seconds:

<add key="SqlCommandTimeout" value="240" />

On the client side (eWay-CRM Desktop), a higher timeout is automatically set after synchronization with the server. If the synchronization ends with an error, the value WebServiceCallTimeout (DWORD) needs to be set manually in the registry under the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Memos\eWay Outlook Client\eWaySettings. Attention, this value is in milliseconds, so you need to enter 300000.

Limit the Number of Jobs That eWayTimer Executes Simultaneously

Note: This solution can be used for eWay-CRM and higher.

For example, to allow only one active job add these values into the Web.config file:

  • JobProcessorSemaphoreName must be a unique name on the server
  • JobProcessorSemaphoreCount is a count of jobs that runs in one time
<add key="JobProcessorSemaphoreName" value="eWayTimer" /> <add key="JobProcessorSemaphoreCount" value="1" />

After making the changes restart eWayTimer service.