eWay-CRM Server Fine Tuning


If eWay-CRM runs on your own server where resources are limited, you can perform some changes in configuration to make the performance better.


eWay-CRM and higher




Higher Timeout for Web Service Calls

I the Web.config file, set timeout on 5 minutes using the httpRuntime tag in system.web:

<httpRuntime executionTimeout="300" />

Then, you can also set a higher timeout for SQL in appSettings. It should be a bit lower than executionTimeout. Both values are in minutes:

<add key="SqlCommandTimeout" value="240" />

Limit the Number of Jobs That eWayTimer Executes Simultaneously

Note: This solution can be used for eWay-CRM and higher.

For example, to allow only one active job add these values into the Web.config file:

  • JobProcessorSemaphoreName must be a unique name on the server
  • JobProcessorSemaphoreCount is a count of jobs that runs in one time
<add key="JobProcessorSemaphoreName" value="eWayTimer" /> <add key="JobProcessorSemaphoreCount" value="1" />

After making the changes restart eWayTimer service.