Sent Emails Are Not Automatically Saved in eWay-CRM Even Though Automatic Tracking Is Turned on and eWay-CRM Is Asking on Superior Item During Sending


The automatic tracking of sent emails is turned on in eWay-CRM but even though everything is looking correctly (eWay-CRM is asking on the Superior item during sending an email), sent email is not saved in eWay-CRM.


All versions of eWay-CRM




Check whether the MS Outlook profile is set as Cached mode or Exchange online: Control Panel > Mail > Show Profiles... There you can choose MS Outlook profile where the error appears. Usually there is only one profile called "Outlook".

Now click the Properties button and then the Data Files... button. Select the used profile and open its Settings.

Go to the Advanced tab and check whether the Cached Exchange Mode Settings is enabled. If the Use Cached Exchange Mode check box is not marked, mark it.

This setting should be consulted with IT department of your company. If the MS Outlook runs on the computer terminal where the Exchange server is too, the setting should be inactive. Problem will be somewhere else.