Outlook 2013 opens item lists in an web browser


If you click any module in Outlook 2013 to open module list the item lists are not opened in Outlook but new web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome etc.) window will appear. There could be also other effect - the item list is not shown in Internet Explorer at all, only blank page will appear.


All versions of eWay-CRM




The Content:

Option 1: Open eWay-CRM Lists in New Window

Follow the steps in this article: Open Lists in New Window

Option 2: Disable Social Connector Add-in in the MS Outlook

    1. Click File in MS Outlook and select Options.
    2. Click the Add-Ins button in the left menu of the new window.
    3. Select COM Add-ins in the bottom part of the window and click Go...
    4. Find the MS Outlook Social Connector add-in and if it is marked, disable it.

  1. Confirm by clicking OK and check whether the change was successful. If not, you can use other solutions.

Option 3: Launch Outlook Through the eWay-CRM Icon

Click Start and search for an app eWay-CRM. The following image was made in Windows 8.1 and it works very similar in different Windows versions.

Option 4: Set New Opening Module in Outlook

Set that Outlook won't launch in the Inbox, but to the Outlook Today module. Go to File > Options > Advanced and in the Outlook start and exit section click the Browse... button. You need to select the top line in the list. There is a name and Personal folders in same cases. In other cases, there is your email address.