Emails Are Left Unprocessed in eWay-CRM Folder in Sent


The user is using mailbox in Microsoft Exchange Cached Mode and he has emails that are not processed and these emails are not saved in eWay-CRM, even though it is set and expected.


All versions of eWay-CRM




The mechanism of tracking emails when you are using Microsoft Exchange in Cached Mode is:

  1. An email is sent (eWay-CRM adds an address of the current user to the blind copy of the email)
  2. The email will appear in the Sent folder.
  3. The email will be received after a while (due to the blind copy), our rule processes it and moves the email to the eWay-CRM folder.
  4. The eWay-CRM folder in Sent will have an unread email for a moment, but it will disappear shortly.
  5. The email is displayed in the Sent folder as saved in eWay-CRM.

If you want to resolve the issue, firstly check whether you have inactive the function as in the picture below (File > Options > Mail).

If you are experiencing the issue and When replying to a message that is not in the inbox, save the reply in the same folder is marked, deactivate the function.

The issue can be also caused when user is moving emails from the Sent folder. Emails can be moved only in the case, if the email has pushed the Save to eWay-CRM button when you open it in the window.