Email Is Saved More Than Once in eWay-CRM


The issue is related only to internal emails.

When users are sending internal mail within Exchange server, it may happen that the email will be stored in duplicate. The email of the receiver and the email of the sender has different SentOn value. The uniqueness of the email is based on the Hash column. Its value is calculated by:

  • Subject
  • From (Sender)
  • To (Receiver)
  • Sent on

If one the values is different, the email has a different hash.

Sent on time of the following email is different in Outlook and in eWay-CRM:

Also If the second colleague does not save the email, it looks like unsaved in eWay-CRM.


All versions of eWay-CRM




Currently, there is no solution.

We recommend saving emails of internal communication manually because automatic saving can also save sensitive emails.