Work With Relations

You can relate a new item or an existing item to the item you have opened in detail.

Relation With New Item

In the item dialog, click Add New. Now, select type of item you want to relate, e.g. Journal.

The new journal window will be opened.

Fill in values as you need. Then, click Save and Close.

A new journal will appear in its tab on items from what was created.

Similarly, on journal detail, the item from what journal was created is in its tab.

Note: eWay-CRM makes your work life as simple as possible so you don't have to fill some values on and on. For example, the contact person and company are filled in a journal or document when you create them from a deal or project. When you are creating a contact from a company, the address and phone number from the company are filled into the contact. There are more of these features in eWay-CRM.

Relation With Existing Item

In the item dialog, click Link to Existing. Now, select the type of item you want to add, e.g. Document.

A list of documents will open. Double-click the document you want to add or click it and then press Link.

The document will appear in its tab on the item to what it was related.

Similarly, on document detail, the item to what document was added is in its tab.