Automatic Categorization of Item According to User Categories

This is an additional functionality that is not available by default in the system. This functionality is mainly used by companies that have several different departments and require that users see (or can change, delete, etc.) only items related to their department. Categories can be activated for all item types or only for specific modules (e.g. only for contacts and companies).

If you need to categorize items to a specific category when you create them and make independent of user groups, then the Automatic Project/Document categorization to category selected in advance function may interest you.

How Does Automatic Categorization Work?

We can create categories corresponding to each company department and into these departments we divide the employees – eWay users. Consequently when you create any item in eWay (journal, document, email, contact and so on) an action will be performed which finds out the department (categories) to which the user belongs. The new item will be linked with all the categories (not user roles) to which the user belongs.

In practice it looks like this: Ms. Novakova is a businessman representing the Electronic department. Consequently she would have been assigned to the Businessman role in eWay (to which user permissions are related) and she will be assigned to the Electronic category. Every deal, journal, company and other items that Ms Novakova creates will automatically belong to the Electronic category. Not only the Automatic categorization make the work easier, but if the company policy requires it, it can be adjusted so that Ms. Novakova will see and be allowed to work only with those items that belong to her Electronic category (and also other users that have the same permissions).

Users groups can be excluded from Automatic categorization according to categories function via the Name of groups separated by semicolon for which the categorization will be disabled value. This value is set for Administrator group by default.

Note: If you use the mechanism of the contact categorization when you are creating them, please consider whether or not Automatic categorization is desirable. Any new contact would be linked not only to categories that user selects from the categorization dialog, but also with other categories the user is related with.