Send the next batch after X minutes

This feature is available in module Marketing (Basic).

The setting is in: Administration Center > Features > Marketing.

Send the next batch after X minutes item is for adjusting the time interval between the sending of individual batches within the processing of a marketing list. The marketing list defined by you is divided by eWay-CRM into a few groups with a smaller number of contacts within the creation of bulk correspondence. These groups are sent individually with time spacing, which is defined here.

This adjustment is very important for the speed of marketing list processing, also with the Number of Emails Sent in One Batch adjustment and you can reduce the potential danger that you will be added to the server’s blacklist. The values are adjusted to send 10 emails every 5 minutes by default and it should prevent blocking your emails, but it also can be made slower for sending a bigger number of emails.

More information about mass correspondence in a marketing campaign can be found in the chapter: Marketing Module Introduction.

Click Send the next batch after X minutes to set the value.

Enter the number of desired minutes into the field, after which the system waits until it sends another batch of emails from the marketing list. The number of email messages that will be sent in each batch can be adjusted via Number of Emails Sent in One Batch.

When you change the settings, be sure to click Save. For more information, go to Features.

Note. The danger of inclusion on a blacklist is higher with higher numbers of emails sent in shorter time intervals.