Set Item Owner – Action Description

Set Item Owner action is intended to display the dialog that gives you the opportunity to set the user as the item owner. For example, when the assistant inserts the invoice, it is possible to attach the invoice to the appropriate owner.

Display Message Enter the text that will be displayed to the user within the work in the system.

System variables can be used in fields during actions creating. For more information, go to System Variables Available in Actions.

If you wish to save the currently defined action for future use in a different workflow, you can do it via Template->Export. If you have already defined actions of the Set Item Owner type and you have already exported them from earlier workflow editing, you can reuse them via the menu Template->Import. More information about import and export of workflow actions can be found in the chapter: Import and Export of Workflow Action Definitions.

Example – Attach Received Invoice to the Owner

Display Message A message for the user that there will be a change of owner, e. g. Please select the user responsible for the invoice.