System Variables Available in Actions

Most of the workflow actions support system variables. Tables below show you list of available variables.

General Variables for All Actions

Variable Description
CURRENT_ITEM The item which workflow was changed.
CURRENT_USER The user that makes the change.
CURRENT_ITEM_OWNER The user that is the owner of the item.



ItemID is only an example, use database column name you really want to use into brackets. The database field name can be found out if you click into the field in the item's window and then press Alt+F1 - the name of the field/column will show.

Variables for Action in Item Window (Control Actions)

Variable Description

The item from which was current item created as a relation with new item.

Example: SUPERIOR_ITEM on bookkeeping record will be project, if the bookkeeping record was created from project.


XYZ is the name of the field that carries the relation.

If you have custom relation field, you use, for example: af_123_RELATION_ITEM.

If you have editable relation field, you use name of the field. Example: For customer on deal it will be: Customer_RELATION_ITEM.


Is used by other relation fields.

  • FolderName is the name of the module (e.g. Companies)
  • RELATIONTYPE is the type of relation that can be, for example, CUSTOMER.