Field Type: Link

Link field allows you to create fields where you can insert links (their length is up to 255 signs). The field can be used for websites or path to a file.

Create Field and Set Its Attributes

You can set specific attributes when you are creating the field (values in the picture are only examples):

Field Name Mandatory field that sets also the title of the field that will be displayed in the dialog.
Comment Optional description of the field.
Category Set the category of fields.
General Section You can mark that you want to display the custom field also in the General section, not only in the Custom Fields section.
Edit Mask See description below the table.
Link Type

eWay-CRM offers these link types:

  • General - general type of link that does not differentiate between URL, email address or file path.
  • Email - when you click the value in the field, application for sending emails with predefined receiver will be opened.
  • File - you can select file from your computer (in the field, you will see the path of the file).
  • URL - when you click the value in the field, the link to website will be opened in your web browser.

Availability: Different types of links are available since eWay-CRM 5.2.2.

Edit mask

Specific custom fields have an option of editing their mask. This is a way of limitation the values that can be written in this fields by user. Mask is a string that determines what can be filled in a field - you can restrict inserting numbers, letters, signs, etc. For more information, please click this link.

The mask can be used for the ensuring that field can be filled only by numbers (e.g. the date field) with no letters, etc. This is a partial control of inserted text.

The example mask in the picture is:


The mask specifies that you can insert only email address into this field in the form "[email protected]".