Field Type: Number

Number field allows you to create fields where you can insert numeric values. It is appropriate for financial values, etc.

Create Field and Set Its Attributes

You can set specific attributes when you are creating the field (values in the picture are only examples):

Name Mandatory field that sets also the title of the field that will be displayed in the dialog.
Modules Select for what modules will be field created.
Required Set that all users must fill this field.
Important Set that all users will be informed that the field is empty if not filled before saving.
Unique Set that all users must fill this field with a unique value.
Read Only Set that all users see this value but will not be able to edit it.
Description Optional description of the field.

You can specify the format of the number field. Types are:

  • Currency - general number value without currency sign
  • Decimal Number - standard decimal number
  • File Size - number with B unit (bytes)
  • Integer - the whole number without decimal point
  • Percentage - decimal number with percent
Summarization Type Select the type of summarization (see below).

Summarization Type

Values in number columns in all lists in eWay-CRM can be averaged or otherwise summarized - please, read more on functionality in the article Summarization bars. Summarization type can be predefined even for your custom fields - just choose one of the options from the menu Summarization Type at the Custom Field dialog (see picture above).  Each user can change the summarization type according to their needs directly in the list of a particular module (without change touching other users). Changing the type of summarization is also described in the article Summarization bars.