Work Commitments (Description and Use of View)

All the users that are in your eWay-CRM can be viewed as a standard list, as an Available Resources view, or as a Work Commitments view. The view primarily serves to plan how many hours users have to spend - this could be used for tracking overtime.

Work Commitments

Clicking the Users icon on the eWay-CRM main toolbar will display new buttons called Current view. These buttons (icons) are List and Work Commitments (see below). The List icon is usually pressed because List is a default view. If you want to view your users as list of Work commitments, you have to click the Work Commitments icon. This icon stays pressed and eWay-CRM will remember your choice until you change it.

Work commitments are shown as a list of all users which is supplemented with special columns and other information. These are the Active column (whether the user is a current employee) and week columns - the first is the column for the current week.

You can add hours to users manually. Work commitments assume that there are hours that the user should work on the basis of his or her work contract. These values are also used as a time fund for the user that serves to calculate whether there are enough hours for the Resource Plan.