Activity of Project Managers

This report can be a real help for project managers and company directors. It shows clearly, in one place, all activity related to a user's projects. He can relate journal or document to a project. This report helps you to follow all activities related to your projects and deals.

Calculation Requirements

It is necessary that:

  • User who is generating the report has the appropriate permissions to view deals and projects.
  • User also must have the permissions to see the time sheets, journals, documents, emails and tasks related to these projects or deals.

Report Parameters

Start Beginning of the period.
End End of the period.
Project Manager Choose the user whose report you wish to view. If you select the (All) value, you generate statistics for all users.

After changing values, the report will be automatically generated again.

Generated Report

Time Specific time when an activity was done. If the report is generated for multiple days, the times will be separated by row with date.
Project Name of the project related with an activity.
Type Information about the type of the activity (journal, document, etc.).
Activity Name Column specifies the activity by showing its name.
User User who created an activity.

After generating a report, data are loaded in time order. You can sort items according to different columns. There are small arrows in the column headlines that are used for sorting rows - clicking the up or down arrow will sort items in the table in descending or ascending order.