Activity on Companies

This report provides transparent information about activities related with companies and contacts. It relates to time and person who put these activities into the eWay-CRM system. If someone adds a new project, deal, journal or some other item to a company or contact, this report will show it.

Calculation Requirements

Requirements are:

  • The more information that is put into different modules (journal, calendar, deals, etc.) and related to a company or contact, the more information will be provided by this report.
  • User who is generating the report has the appropriate permissions to view companies, journals, contacts, projects, deals, calendar and tasks.

Report Parameters

Start Beginning of the period.
End End of the period.
Account Manager Parameter gives you the option of choosing the user whose report you wish to view. If you select the (All) value, you generate statistics for all users.

After changing values, the report will be automatically generated again.

Generated Report

The headline of the report shows the report type, the user name and period of data below it.

Company Name of the company that is related with a certain activity.
Activity Name Specific activity type.
Owner Name of the user who is the owner of the activity.
Date Date when activity was done or the company was created.

The rows in the tables are differentiated by colours and type of font:

  • Dark blue rows contain the name of and information about companies that have undergone some activity in a selected time period. The rows are sorted alphabetically.
  • Light blue rows show activities that were related to a certain company. These activities might be adding deal, contact, project, task, journal, calendar, email or document. Activities are shown in the same way in contacts if there are any relations with a contact.
  • Activities related to a particular contact are in the white rows.