Notification About Deals Over Limit

If you are creating a lot of deals, you can lose the overview of a large number of items. You appreciate the function that notifies you about deals that overrun their estimated end and are still unsolved. The notification is sent when the estimated end of the deal was the previous day and it was still not completed.

If the system discovers that some deals are exceeded (their estimated end was overrun), the notification is sent. The language of the notification is the same as your default language of eWay-CRM (Czech or English).

The notification has two settings in the Features  Sales of Admin Center:

Notification structure

The notification contains basic information for easy identification of exceeded deals. The email will look like this:

Customer The name of the customer that is related to the deal. The text is also a link that opens a customer's window (Company window).
Deal The name of the deal that is still open. The text is also a link that opens the Deal window.
Owner The user is the owner of the item.
Estimated end The date when the deal should end, but is still open.
Price The price of the deal is filled in the deal window.
Probability The probability of the deal's success is filled in the deal window.