Convert Appointment to Journal

Are you also one of those who are taking notes right into the text field of your appointment window in the calendar? If so, you appreciate that eWay-CRM allows you to convert these notes to the journal by one click. Important data from meeting won't be just part of the calendar appointment, but they will be also stored as a journal that is related with a particular project and could be linked with other CRM items.

There are two ways how to convert an appointment from calendar to a journal. The first way is right from the Appointment window. Click the Convert to Journal.

The second way is the conversion from the context menu - just right-click the appointment you want to convert. Select the Convert to Journal.

We highly recommend, while creating an appointment, to choose a Superior Item - the relation will be created not only for this appointment, but also for a journal that was made by the conversion. The filling of the Superior Item isn't obligatory. It depends on the system settings. For more information on necessity of selecting a Superior Item, go to Allow Users to Create Journal From Non-eWay Calendar Items.

No matter what way of the conversion you choose, the new Journal window will open. Specific data are transferred from the Appointment window.

Transferred data:

  • Subject of an appointment is a Title of a new journal.
  • Superior Item is filled as a Superior Item in the Journal window.
  • Depending on the Superior Item, the Company and Contact fields are prefilled - if the superior item is a deal or project, Company and Contact are prefilled both; if the superior item is a contact or company, only corresponding fields are prefilled.
  • The date and time are automatically transferred.
  • The Note field is filled with the text from the main text part of the Appointment window. Transferred is only text that is not under the "----------eWay-CRM----------" row that separates automatically inserted text. 
  • The event will be newly categorized as "eWay-CRM (Time Journal)".

All these data can be changed, as same as other records such as Type and Importance.