Default Workflow Settings: Project – Claim

The summary of all workflow statuses is listed in the table below. There are also all the combinations of transitions which are defined in the default system settings for the Claim type of Project. More information about workflows in eWay-CRM can be found in the article Work With Item Window.

In the first column of the table is name of initial status and in the second column is final status. The combination of initial and final status determines the possible ways the workflow can be navigated and the entire project can be led. The <initial> is used for an item after its creation and before the item is saved for the first time.

In the third column of the table you can find restrictions in form of the names of groups which have permission to transition – generally it will be the transition to the last status (return to workflow), to which only the administrator has permission. If the permission for transition is set to all users, the cell will be empty.

Actions defined for this transition can be found in the fourth column. For example it could be the creation of a task which is related to a given project. You can also control whether the specific fields are filled.

A Claim project will usually go through these statuses: Received → Processing → Completed / Closed Lost

The example of workflows look like this:

<initial> Received
Received Processing Task from the item owner for the item owner
Name: „Name of project: Reclamation time will expire in ten days“
Deadline 20 days
Processing Completed
Processing Closed Lost