Default Workflow Settings: Project – Internal Project

The summary of all workflow statuses is listed in the table below. There are also all the combinations of transitions which are defined in the default system settings for the Internal Project type of Project. More information about workflows in eWay-CRM can be found in the article Work With Item Window.

In the first column of the table is name of initial status; in the second column is final status. The combination of initial and final statuses determines the possible ways of navigating the workflow and leading the entire project. The <initial> is used for an item after its creation and before the item is saved for the first time.

The third and fourth columns are empty because the restrictions for groups that can make transitions in Internal projects have not been assigned. Neither have actions for transitions between statuses been defined.

Internal Project can be in these statuses: New → In Progress → Completed / Closed Lost

The example of workflows look like this:

<initial> New
New In Progress
New Closed Lost
In Progress Completed
In Progress Closed Lost