Synchronization Conflict

Sometimes it can happen that items are in conflict. For example, the employees are editing same item when the system is offline. If the system turns online, eWay-CRM wants to synchronize all changes, but it find out that there is a conflict of changes on one item.

If there is item conflict, the dialog like this will be displayed:

When you want to consult changes with other person that edited the item, you can easily right click the space in the dialog where you see the Copy option in the context menu.

The same result can be done by pressing CTRL + C. The conflict information is saved to clipboard and when you paste it - e.g. to the email - you will see text like this:

My Changes
Phone call
Note: Details of the contract were specified.
Type: Call
Name: Phone call

Changes of User Stefko, Martin
Note: Details of the contract
Type: Conference
Name: Meeting

The system journal of Item Conflict type is created when the conflict is solved. You can open it right from the window of the item where the conflict was created - just click the Journal tab in this window. The journal displays the conflict values that was not saved. The journal is created only in the case when you click Keep My Changes button in the conflict dialog.