Edit Items From List and Bulk Edit

While working with Time Sheets, you can edit entries not only from the dialog, but also in the list of items - you can simply click in the field (most non-system fields) and edit it. The edit mode can be used also on multiple items. If you are in the list mark multiple items, and at one of the selected items proceed the change. Before the save action is made, you will be asked whether the change should be done for all the other items in the selection as well. In this way, you can easily perform bulk renaming, or for example approve pending time sheets, etc.

If you select Yes, the change will be applied on all selected items (as shown below). In case you click No, the change will be made only for the item that you changed. If you do the bulk edit to workflow status, it may happen that a dialog pops out for each item with a notice (when checking that mandatory boxes are not empty, etc..) or to display new journals that are created by the action WriteJournalEntry defined in transition.

In the case of time sheet, you can also edit the name of the item right in the list. If you are editing the value in the list and you want to cancel without saving the change, you need to press Shift + Esc. Esc itself won't work due to the issue that is created by the integration with Microsoft Outlook.